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Intervju med Greg Saw

Greg Saw fra Hard Rocx Abax Racing deltar i årets ritt så vi gjennomførte et lite intervju, her er spørsmålene våre og svarene hans.

  1. What do you know about Skagerrakrittet?

    I have not looked so close at the bike event but it is a nice area to ride a bike!

  1. What made you choose Skagerrakrittet this year?

    It has been a few years since I have visited Arendal. I have good histories and memories with the area since I have been riding the bikes for a while. I want to bring my family for a nice bike weekend.

  2. What connections or interest do you have of Sørlandet?

    I won Norgescup 2007 landevei for Team Sør. I have many old friends I have not seen for a few years. I have spent many summers around Fevik and had some nice road rides there. I was married in Grimstad – road my bike from Bø to the wedding and back

  1. What is your biggest goal this cycling season?

    Since I had a long injury period this spring I would like a good August – Grenserittet, a new favourite in Helterittet and of course Birken

  2. What type of bike do you ride in technical races and races on gravel?

    My sponsor is HardRocx and I use the 29r all season. If it is a really bumpy ride I will use a large volume tire with wide rims from American Classic 32mm wide! The bike is great for marathon in Norway

  1. What type of tires do you use in technical races and races on gravel?

    I like fast rolling on the back with a strong side wall-protection, on the front tire I like some side knobs for cornering. I like fast rolling tires like Specialised or Ikon Maxxis or Rocket Ron

  1. How is your training schedule when approaching an important race?

    This month will be a lot of training both volume and strength. In August when my main races come, it will be racing every week-end and training will be cut down to mostly recovery with short efforts

  1. What and when do you eat before a race?

    Before a race I may have a big dinner the night before – a super meal to fill up. Breakfast before a race may be then light, but it depends when the start is, early or late in the day. I want to eat 2-3 hours before the race, a small snack since normally I am full from the carbo load the day before.  The big dinner: pasta or pizza makes me happy, I run very well on good fats! Homemade is always the best!

  1. Any racing tips to other riders?

    Give your bike some care! Maybe take it to a bike shop for quick check to make sure it is ready to go.


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